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青森県出身Funky-T、福島県出身Jun-Bayの二人から成るSoulデュオ。Sam & DaveをはじめとするSoulシンガーのカバーを中心に10年以上のライブ活動を経て、2010年1stシングルを発売。出会いは、日本でただ一人のジェームス・ブラウンファミリー故ドン勝本氏の事務所のオーデション。また、一代目をJay’edが務めたソウルシンガー故ORITOのバックコーラスとして、Jun-Bayは二代目、Funky-Tは三代目を務めた。自身のライブ活動のほかにAI,SOUL’d Outのアルバムに参加、バブルガム・ブラザーズのBro.Koneをはじめ、国内有数のミュージシャンと共にライブ活動中。映画「ヌンチャクソウル」(エンディングテーマ「So-You Style」)主演、「エスパーX探偵社~さよならのさがしもの~」エンディングテーマ「トゥゲザーだぜ!」、ドキュメンタリー映画「FRIDAY」出演。

Suga-Pimps Band(写真左から):

A soul duo consisting of Funky-T from Aomori prefecture and Jun-Bay from Fukushima prefecture. After more than 10 years of show case performance, specialized in the covers of Soul singers such as Sam & Dave, the 1st single was released in 2010. The meeting was an audition for the office of the late Don Katsumoto who is the only Japanese member of James Brown Family. Jun-Bay serverd as the second generation and Funky-T served as the third generation as backing chorus of the late ORITO, a soul singer who recorded his fist album at the studio of Willie Mitchell, the legendary producer of Al Green. In addition to his own live activities, he participated in the AI, SOUL’d Out album, and is performing live with some of Japan’s leading musicians, including Bro.Kone of Bubblegum Brothers. Starred in the movie “Nunchuck Soul” (ending theme “So-You Style”), appeared in the ending theme “Together Daze!” in “Esper X Detective Agency ~Sayonara no Sagashimono~”, and appeared in the documentary film “FRIDAY”.